With Education Vision, we can help you:


Choose the right course at the right university/institute. This is a free of charge service to all candidates who consult us planning to pursue their studies either in the U.A.E or abroad. It is true that it is your own choice when it comes to selecting the desired course of study, but we still can give you a piece of advice on what the local market lacks and the right university to study at, taking into consideration the entry requirements and the course of study you want.


Students can benefit from the “shortcut study” and still can graduate from accredited universities whether they are undergraduates or postgraduates. This helps students save both time and money.


As this is really important when it comes to paying the tuition fees, accommodation, medical insurance, expenses …etc. Students can still study at prestigious accredited universities at a lower cost either in the U.A.E or abroad. Your budget is a limited one, no worries, we still can find you an affordable university to study at.


Overcome the challenging entry requirements that you might encounter when applying to universities. You GPA is low! Your do not meet the English proficiency requirement for a specific course! We do our utmost utilizing all alternatives that can secure you a seat where you are going to study. We believe that there is always a way!


Pursue your study whether you are a mature student or just out of high school. We believe that education is for all and it is never too late to study. We can assist you enroll at a high school to obtain your degree. University degree is not everything, you still can obtain a college diploma that helps you obtain a good-paying job such as a certified trainer where the language of instruction could be English or Arabic.


Improve your English skills. We can assist you find a the right place where you can improve your English either via Distance learning or in the English speaking countries. There are many flexible courses where you can learn and entertain yourself away from the traditional ones.


Education Vision is an ETS-Authorized TOEFL® iBT Test Center. Prepare for international exam such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEC…etc. We can find you the right place where you can get the best preparation and be taught by professional teachers that can assist you score higher on the desired test.


Be certified with many internationally recognized certificates issued by authorized organizations . We guide you where to find them and even tell you more about them and how important these certificates are. Certificates such as CELTA, DELTA..etc.


Find all professional courses you need for work such as English for HR professionals, writing business letters, Excel for HR…etc.