SAT related facts

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If you have just decided to take SAT you should be looking for information online to know what it measures and how it measures. Since it paves your way to a college degree it is an essential test in your student career. It can even help you to connect with any scholarship organization if you need scholarship for college studies. It measures the skills you have learned in your classrooms related to

  1. Critical reading with a focus on sentence completion and comprehension questions based of a given passage.
  2. Mathematics focused on MCQs and student-response based answers to questions.
  3. Writing skills focused on MCQs and a comprehensive essay.

The test allows you to take three hours and forty-five minutes to complete the test. During the test you will have three breaks of five minutes each which will make four hours for you in the testing room.

How to Prepare for SAT

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Result Oriented Preparation

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