SAT Courses in Dubai

When it comes to admission in any university abroad, one has to go through SAT exam. This exam is a standardized test conducted all over the world in different centers. There are various courses conducted to get the students prepared for the test well and score high. You can also find quality SAT courses in Dubai to get yourself prepared for the big day. No matter, how weak you are in Mathematics or how low your vocabulary is, these courses will help you a lot in knowing your weak areas and getting well prepared to score high in SAT test. There are various sections that you have to go through while giving SAT exams. Here is an overview of different sections.

Sentence Completions

This section is to evaluate how good is your vocabulary and whether you understand the logic of sentence or not. There are one or two blanks in each sentence for which you have to choose appropriate word to make sense. If you are not good at vocabulary, you will not be able to do this section well. So focus on vocabulary and practice more.

Critical Reading

This section is the most simplest of all and everyone has gone through it in the school. Reading the passage and finding the relevant answers is part of this section. Make sure not to waste time just reading passage but first read the question and as you go through passage you will find relevant answers.

Multiple-Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions consists of three groups. The first one relates to improving sentences, in which you have to select the correct version. The second one is related to pointing out errors and the third one is to organize and clarify your information.


In this section, you are given an open ended topic to write on. Here you have to mention clear viewpoint and support it. You have to give examples and express your views clearly in order to get good score.

Math: Multiple-Choice Questions

This section contains math questions with multiple choices. You are given with facts and formulas that you have to apply. Calculator is allowed but without knowing how to solve the problem, you can’t get great scores.

Math: Grid-Ins

This section does not contain multiple choice questions. All you have to do is to fill the answers in the grid. This section is relatively easy, if you have good grip on basic math.