How to Practice for GRE: Two Sections


The GRE test is developed like the standard IQ test. It is designed to assess your general intelligence and skills in mathematics and English. That is why the mathematical reasoning and vocabulary section of the exam are very important. To achieve a top score in GRE tests, students need to perform well in both these sections. Therefore we are providing information on how to perform well on both these sections:

Here are few of the tips to perform well on vocabulary section of GRE:

  1. Build Vocabulary Strength with Memorizing:

You must give GRE practice tests to show your vocabulary strength. Repetition is necessary to memorize the words in the GRE vocabulary list. Therefore, you must take gre practice test numerous times to learn these words. Simply repetition may not do the trick you may need to devise other methods like, flash cards to note down the meaning of the words and remember them later on.

  1. Use Elaboration to learn new words:

Elaboration is another powerful tool when it comes to GRE test practice. Many effective GRE practice tests must provide antonyms and synonyms in diversified range of word identifying exercises. You can add extra information with each of these words in your notes. The extra information can be remembered more easily. This methodology can improve your learning curve by more than six hundred percent.

  1. Tracking will do the Trick:

Another way to excel in GRE test practice is tracking. You must track the amount of words that you have learnt. If you know the level of your vocabulary you may be able to retain more words easily.

Now we will provide some tips on how to prepare for GRE mathematics section:

The mathematical portion for the exam also called quantitative section consists of many segments for example, it consists of problem solving and data sufficiency. It may also include data comparison and graphical problems. The mathematics concepts are tested in three domains of mathematics: Arithmatic, Algebra and Geometry.

Students taking the test are required to utilize the mathematical information for answering different types of questions. The answer can be found in multiple choices given in the question. There is no simple method of solving the multiple choice math questions. They can be solved by making use of following strategies:

  1. Plugging numbers in different options: You can plug numbers in the different variables of the questions to find out the answer quickly.
  2. Back Solving: You can make use of the answer choices to remove the wrong ones.
  3. Eye-balling and approximating: It can be helpful in easier geometrical problems. You can view different geometrical illustrations to find approximations of different answers.
  4. Intelligent guessing: You can remove the un-preferable choices from the answers.

The techniques described above work best when you have good knowledge of fundamental concepts of Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry and you have invested time and effort in GRE test practice.

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