Education Vision is an Authorized iTEP Test Center

Education Vision is a leading, authorized iTEP test center in the UAE. The iTEP test is an advanced international English proficiency test that assesses exam takers via an internet based assessment tool. There are four variations of the exam, and each offers unique benefits to the test taker.

The Business Perspective

Many global companies that do a vast majority of their business in English but have a large percentage of non-native English speakers can also benefit from the iTEP test. Many people are required to take the iTEP exam at the iTEP test center in the UAE by their employers. This makes perfect sense in order to maintain effective business relations with clients and companies who speak English as a primary language. Education Vision strives to deliver the necessary link that bridges the gap of communication in the workforce.

Variations of the iTEP Exam available at our iTEP Test Center UAE

• ITEP Academic Exam. The academic exam is used by colleges and other higher education institutions to evaluate the English proficiency of current and future students. They commonly use the test scores for scholarship eligibility purposes, curriculum development, progress evaluations, admissions, and placement of students.

• ITEP Business Exam. The business exam is used by government agencies and businesses to evaluate the English proficiency of current and future employees. The main purposes they use the test scores for are assignment qualification purposes, screening prospective employees, employee evaluations, and English training development purposes.

• ITEP Slate Exam. The slate exam is a secondary level exam that assesses English language proficiency of high school students and younger children as well. The test scores are used for admission to English speaking school, student placement, course evaluations, exchange program eligibility, and curriculum development purposes.

• ITEP Hospitality Exam. The hospitality exam is used to test the English aptitude of current and prospective employees in the hospitality industry. Employers use the exam scores to screen new hires, to make decisions in regards to job promotions, and to qualify employees for specific assignments.

Contact Us Today at our iTEP Test Center in the UAE to learn more about the iTEP test and how it can help you as an individual or a business. Education Vision values quality testing outlets for personal and business growth.

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