International Test for English Proficiency at Education Vision

Multi-Ethnic Group of People and English Concept

The ITEP stands for the International Test of English Proficiency. It is a language assessment tool that can gauge the English skills of non-native English speakers. The test is accredited by more than six hundred institutions. The network of these institutes include the California State University system. If you are planning to study in any of the international universities, then you can register for the Itep to provide a proof of your English language proficiency to the institute. If you score well they may give you an admission based on your academic performance. In this article we will provide a guide about how to give an Itep exam in Itep test center. It will provide you step by step instructions on how to successfully appear in your exam at the test center.

We will start with the arrival process at the test center. When you reach the examination hall, you will be asked for your verification document. After you have verified your identity, you will be permitted to enter the hall to reach for your seat. When entering the hall you might be required to find your seat number. It may be provided on the identification document and the sitting arrangement will be preplanned according to the student identification numbers. There will be a seat for each student who will be appearing for the exam. In case you cannot find your seat you can gain the assistance of test center staff who can help you in finding your seat. Make sure you politely ask the staff about your seat location.

Now after you have found your seat and you have adjusted well, the invigilators will start providing instructions about the different portions of the test. Make sure that you can understand them carefully. If there is something that you do not understand. You may raise your hand and the invigilator might ask you about your question. You can tell him or her to repeat the instruction that you did not understand completely. Make sure you bring stationary with you and note the important points on the separate sheet of paper provided by the invigilators. In case you are not comfortable with your seat you can ask the invigilator to change your seat. Education Vision works in affiliation with ITEP for English language proficiency testing.