GRE Online Preparation

GRE online preparation depends on the time you have available and how you handle and manage each subject. You must be spending plenty of time, sacrificing your sleep and other leisure activities to get high scores. It is great to make effort but what if the day approaches and you can’t achieve the milestone out of fear and anxiety. Majority of students prepare well for each section but fall in the hand of anxiety and fear. There are many things that you can do a day before in order to relieve you of pressure and perform well in the test. Here are some of the tips.

  • The moment you wake up in the morning a day before GRE test, make sure to take healthy breakfast and make yourself fresh and energized.
  • If you feel tired and lazy even after having bath, make sure to spend some time in exercise. Don’t get involved in very extreme exercises as it will cause body ache.
  • Now sit down and take few deep breaths and think of what you need to do. Think of what your weak areas are and which areas you have not prepared well and left for last day.
  • Start preparing things and take frequent breaks in between. If you have habit of drinking coffee or tea, make sure to have it in between.
  • Go through vocabulary flash cards and take random test or ask any of your siblings to take a random test.
  • Re read all the material related to GRE test. You don’t need to study in detail unless you are not knowing.
  • After you have gone through these study guides, make sure to take a break and get prepared for the test. It is important to take note of time because next day is going to be your big day.
  • Take 2 tests on the day before GRE exam and have a look at your weak areas. After you have taken two tests, it is now time to close all the books and study material.
  • Have a walk with your friend, watch good movie, start eating your favorite food and don’t think too much about GRE exam.
  • Before going to bed make sure to put all the things at one place that are needed in the morning.
  • Have a glass of milk and go for sleep. Make sure to sleep well and wake up fresh.