Gmat or GRE – Which is better for MBA?


MBA holds the key to your future life? While you are seeking admission in the most of the reputed universities you need to determine which of the admission tests could be best for you. The decision is not easy. GMAT has been the bench mark test for admission seekers since past 60 years. It is so reputed that there are more than 250,000 students around the world who take it annually for their admission in Business programs. However, GMAT is not the only test the universities pay heed to. GRE which is the more general test for graduates is also accepted by the 85% of US based universities. However, the two tests are equally credible, GMAT is still more preferred than GRE. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. GMAT is best for MBA as a wide majority of students take it to have admission in the business schools world over. GRE on the other hand is more appropriate for masters degree but is accepted by business schools too.
  2. More than 5600 business programs in hundreds of universities and business schools accept GMAT. The ratio for GRE is comparatively low.
  3. Although GMAT is expensive than GRE your chances of getting accepted with GMAT for MBA are better than GRE.
  4. GMAT is solely computer based while GRE can also be taken on paper in some parts of the world.

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